Zefr Google Ads

Product Description

Zefr’s Google Ads solution delivers precise & nuanced targeting capabilities on YouTube advertising based on each brand’s preferences and unique needs.

Zefr creates controlled and targeted ad placement for brands and agencies working in automation via the Google Ads workflow. Take advantage of the power of Google Ads placement-level targeting with video level precision, enabling your brand to scale your campaigns without sacrificing content adjacency.


Zefr’s technology optimizes targeting in real-time to keep up with the speed of YouTube content trends. Our video optimization provides your campaign with a continuously updated list of videos, adding the highest velocity videos and removing those that do not align with your brand values allowing you to drive scale and effectiveness within the speed of change on YouTube.

Our technology enables complete transparency with video-level reporting in your campaigns, enabling advertisers to assess every video that a pre-roll impression within your Google Ads accounts.

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