Taxi Top Ads

Product Description

We are launching the Taxi Tops, both static and digital, in partnership with the downtown Toronto based Flash Taxi fleet. These taxis run 24 hrs a day and are equipped with GPS. We have also developed a software allowing us to see the live reach of advertising just like a dispatch system.

These are ‘the spiderman version’ of billboards! They love downtown traffic and are unmissable.


– Creative material designed to withstand all weather elements.
– All taxi tops are backlit for high visibility at nighttime
– 2 LED faces per taxi top
– 11,750 estimated impressions per face per day
– Complement with in-vehicle advertising and vehicle wraps
– Millions of memorable daily impressions targeting professionals, tourists, and the nightlife lovers
– Visual area of 42.5 x 12.5 inches
– 24/7 exposure

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