Promo Staff

Product Description

Promotional representatives play a huge role in successful event marketing and guerrilla marketing campaigns. Outgoing, fun, and knowledgeable promo reps communicate key messaging in a relatable way. They are the face of your brand/event and will add a whole new dimension to the way your products are received.


Fervent Events carefully selects all of our promo staff for both our roster and each individual experiential marketing campaign we put together. As part of our services, we offer quality event staffing like promo rep agencies. We screen all of our brand ambassadors, event staff and promo reps. Fervent Events promo staff and brand ambassadors are selected based on core competencies in marketing techniques, communication skills, and sales experience. In addition to this, we look for unique talents such as ballet dancing, and street art making, that can come in handy in our more creative experiential campaigns.

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