Product Sampling

Product Description

The SampleSource program helps hundreds of brands across North America achieve far better ROI vs. traditional sampling vehicles like experiential, door hangers, or in-store.

Sampling is proven to generate new shoppers for brands – unfortunately most of today’s sampling vehicles are lacking.

Poor targeting, low reach, expensive overhead, complicated execution, time consuming, lack of metrics, lots of waste, bad ROI. fixes that.


Our revolutionary “Sampling 2.0” system is loaded with features marketers need for the best results.

We start with our national database of shoppers – each with detailed profiles marketers can target (ages, genders, incomes, competitive users, healthy lifestyle seekers, gluten free households, pet owners, and more).

We don’t simply send samples to members who match – instead we allow those who match to actually choose if they would like to try your sample (a.k.a “request-based”). This results in far less waste and higher conversion.

To make things even more turnkey for our clients, we handle all warehousing, packing, and shipping, and even follow-up analytics and purchase tracking analysis.

Best of all, by sharing the costs across multiple brands each wave, marketers save a tremendous amount of expense vs. executing their own sampling programs.

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