Mobile Video Truck

Product Description

Accent Media offers mobile digital LED video advertising services using our Mobile Digital Billboard showcasing three giant LED screens, side screens at 15′ x 6.5′ and the back-screen at 6.5′ x 6.5′ during sporting events, concerts, festivals, as well as in areas with high foot traffic, in order to reach a wide audience. The mobile digital display truck can be placed near business areas, night clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, or anywhere your target audience might be.


The mobile LED digital displays are exceptional for creating brand awareness and recognition and offer a compelling addition to existing marketing campaigns. The screens can be utilized during the day or evening, when the colorful digital screens can be viewed clearly from a distance.

Accent Media’s LED video advertisements combine with our external sound system, providing full color video images and stereo sound, capable of broadcasting a variety of media content.

Accent Media’s digital advertisement guarantees the generation of the elusive “wow factor”. Mobile digital advertising is an outstanding tool to promote new video games, computer software, film trailers, or a literally endless list of other applications.

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