In-Car Digital Screen

Product Description

Portl provides engaging in-car entertainment to thousands of Lyft and Uber riders. Portl enables riders to browse a range of broadcast quality content on an engaging and interactive platform. Geo-location means hyper-local information can be offered to passengers in real-time during their ride.

The Portl tablet can provide live updates for sports, news, and other dynamically changing content. Users get access to rewards and games that are only available through our tablet. This means more engagement and happier riders! In-stream video and first play pre-roll options are ideal for advertisers looking to target a captive audience.


Location specific data: Strategically target riders when they are at specific locations at specific times.

8/10 riders engage: On average, about 80% of passengers engage with the Portl tablet.

17 minute average ride: The average Uber and Lyft ride in a major city like Toronto is 17 minutes long.