Dolce Magazine

Product Description

For over 20 years, Dolce Luxury Magazine has been an internationally respected, nationally recognized, luxury lifestyle guide to living the good life. A product of the passion of brother-and-sister duo Fernando Zerillo and Michelle Zerillo-Sosa, Dolce continues its tradition of uncovering the most stylish fashion, automotive and jewelry; the most desirable resorts and real estate locales, and profiling countrywide and international businesses and entrepreneurs of high distinction. Our hope is to inspire.

Today, this Toronto-based luxury lifestyle magazine remains the flagship publication of Dolce Publishing Inc., distributing over 290,000 pristine copies annually across Canada and select U.S. cities. Catering to a distinguished readership of VIPs and prominent social figures, including CEOs, presidents, doctors, lawyers and national/local celebrities, Dolce is your one-stop guide to living the sweet life.


Dolce Publishing is a unique company. We value our clients on every level, because their success means ours. That’s why Dolce’s publications are not only beautiful and intriguing, but they are also powerful marketing tools for advertisers. Whether your product or service is in travel, automobiles, hospitality, fashion, home décor, or any other part of the luxury lifestyle industry, we provide an excellent outlet to attract clientele.

We encourage you to do your homework and research all options available to you. We think that you will find that Dolce Publishing’s publications are truly the best advertising vehicles available, and we welcome you to verify that statement with any of our advertisers.

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