Digital Out-of-Home

Product Description

We all know that digital advertising turned the media industry on its head. Following the major disruption to print (magazines, newspapers, etc.) we believe that exterior and interior Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) is the next market to be affected by media buying digitization. Technology in advertising mixed with better supply chain management create new opportunities that can serve both publishers and advertisers.

You can now leverage our advertising technology stack and more than a decade of experience working with digital media for Out-Of-Home campaigns. We will help you maximize your Digital Out-Of-Home advertising campaigns with programmatic solutions, meaning automation and data.


Our Demand Side Platform (DSP) leverages Automation & Data from our Data Managment Platform (DMP) in real time (300 milliseconds), so that advertisers and agencies of the world can now manage DOOH inventory and Mobile strategies under one roof (one data cloud). This creates a direct effect to maximize results.

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