Connected Interactive

Product Description

With the experience and insight of a major trading desk backed by premium data, Lotame’s DMP and our own CDP, we understand the best programmatic methodology is a mix of art and science. Beyond clicks and impressions to understanding the customer journey, and intimately understanding the interplay between a DMP, a CDP and exchange buying.


Our attribution platform was built with media buying in mind, and allows us to optimize media channel spend according to how users engage within a site or app. By tracking the customer journey through several touchpoints, we are able to create behaviour segments and apply custom strategies, along with audience data layers for richer profile targeting.

We are TAG Certified and so take brand safety and viewability very seriously. We offer a mix of our own in-house technical tools and knowledge gained from 7 years of marketing technology development, plus the best 3rd party tools available such as Double Verify and Moat.

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