Brand Power

Product Description

Brand Power drives fast, measurable sales results in over 40 countries and 60 languages. In working with the top tier-one FMCG & OTC companies globally, we have thousands of client-sanctioned case studies. The proof is in the results, and in the “proof” tab at the top of your screen.

Almost thirty years, and three thousand campaigns later, Brand Power is the leader in the field it created with unparalleled global experience in FMCG & OTC. Our templated advertising lends the compelling voices of our independent presenters to the world’s leading brands. The powerful credibility that comes with product information from this trusted source is a proven purchase driver.


Brand Power earns its keep, literally, when sales are needed fast. From tactical business challenges to combatting competitive threats or the prospect of de-listing. Underwriting your brand campaign with trusted educative messaging that does the heavy lifting of communicating rational features and benefits. Supporting local market activations or line extensions with new “news”. Or simply when greater media efficiencies are needed.

Quickly and cost effectively. From strategy to activation in as little as 2 weeks, the expertise, deep creative and production knowledge and network of global production hubs we’ve built across eight countries equips us better than any other to make an immediate impact for your brand.

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