NextTech AR

Product Description

Promote with AR: Enhance product promotion with 3D/AR ads, and increase customer awareness and interest your products.

Convert with AR: Use the power of AR to provide better shopping experiences to drive greater customer engagement and sales.

Measure AR: Measure interaction in real-time. See increased conversions, add to carts and sales from our live-data dashboard.

Educate with AR: Provide, relevant, compelling and easy to access augmented reality training for your products.

Evangelize with AR: Create unique customer experiences, campaigns, and events to promote your brand and products to the marketplace.


CaptureAR is NexTech’s revolutionary AR technology which makes 3D augmented reality creation accessible to everyone and for any product. With CaptureAR, you can easily and quickly convert your real-world products into a 3D/AR web format and use the power of AR to drive more online sales.

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