Product Sampling

The SampleSource program helps hundreds of brands across North America achieve far better ROI vs. traditional sampling vehicles like experiential, door hangers, or in-store.

Sampling is proven to generate new shoppers for brands – unfortunately most of today’s sampling vehicles are lacking.

Poor targeting, low reach, expensive overhead, complicated execution, time consuming, lack of metrics, lots of waste, bad ROI. fixes that.

Target Your Audience

Using Sampler’s Co-Op solution, you can tap into the audiences of leading digital publishers. We’ll get your product into the hands of brand new consumers that match your target demographic at a predictable cost per sample.

Target Our Audience

Sampler’s Fully-Branded solution allows brands like you to skip the middle man and sample directly to your target audience. We’ll help you launch a sampling program directly from your website, so you can drive traffic to your site from any channel.