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The Ultimate Marketplace to Connect Brands and Publishers
Our RFP marketplace is a one-stop-shop for advertisers seeking branded content placements with top publishers. Here, you can research audience data and content examples from North America’s premium publications.

Pressboard Boost

The Power to Discover and Promote Organic Press Coverage.

The Pressboard Boost tool enables brands to discover and promote organic press coverage by premium publishers — no handshake required. Simply set a budget and hit boost, and Pressboard will distribute the publisher’s Facebook post to a larger audience.

Content Marketing

Pressboard’s award-winning technology solutions empower brands and publishers to make better, more profitable content at scale. We believe that when great brands and influential publishers come together, they can create powerful content that people love to read, watch and share.

Glacier Media Digital

Drawing eight million cumulative monthly page views, our community news and lifestyle websites provide the opportunity to have your voice heard in places where your customers are listening.

Glacier’s StandOUT Featured Article program benefits businesses by providing premium content in a journalistic style that builds brand trust & credibility.

Custom Content

Your brand. Their favorite stories. Our influencers have created some of the most popular stories on Wattpad—and they’re skilled at bringing brands into their worlds. Whether it’s a new branded story from a top-tier Wattpad Star, or a bonus chapter in one of our most-read stories, custom content makes your brand part of what they already love.