Pie Digest

A regional and national briefing on local affairs targeted to a relaxed luxury lifestyle, Pie Digest connects businesses to consumers on a local and regional level. Released quarterly, this publication focuses on the Canadian consumer through content related to art and design, hospitality and tourism, fashion, business development, politics, real estate, automotive, lifestyle, and health and wellness. The Digest specifically targets consumers in the Greater Simcoe Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

Pie Face Kids

Pie Face Kids (PFK) is a contemporary children’s fashion and lifestyle magazine. It targets families who are developing a taste for beautiful things and beginning to explore the world around them. It informs and inspires readers by delivering dazzling content that covers new childhood and lifestyle trends, research breakthroughs, and quality children’s products with a focus on contemporary kids fashion and style for the home.

PFK presents fresh design photography alongside insightful editorials to uplift and educate readers young and old. It’s the magazine of choice for modern, in-the-know kids who carry it with them on their journey through the modern world of childhood.

Pie Bookazine

Pie Bookazine readers are educated, globally informed, style savvy and comprise a demographic that is opportunity focused. Looking to find the best destinations, developments and current affairs, they seek updates related to food, fashion, culture, architecture, finance, hospitality and more.