In-Car Digital Screen

Portl provides engaging in-car entertainment to thousands of Lyft and Uber riders. Portl enables riders to browse a range of broadcast quality content on an engaging and interactive platform. Geo-location means hyper-local information can be offered to passengers in real-time during their ride.

The Portl tablet can provide live updates for sports, news, and other dynamically changing content. Users get access to rewards and games that are only available through our tablet. This means more engagement and happier riders! In-stream video and first play pre-roll options are ideal for advertisers looking to target a captive audience.

Taxi Top Ads

We are launching the Taxi Tops, both static and digital, in partnership with the downtown Toronto based Flash Taxi fleet. These taxis run 24 hrs a day and are equipped with GPS. We have also developed a software allowing us to see the live reach of advertising just like a dispatch system.

These are ‘the spiderman version’ of billboards! They love downtown traffic and are unmissable.

Car Wrap Ads

For businesses ready to effectively market their brand and products by renting the outer vehicle space of a fleet of safely driven, back-checked personal vehicles at a very competitive advertising rate.

Ride Share Digital Screens

People spend an average of 7-10 minutes in each ride until they reach their destination. With +600,000 rides booked a day (within the GTA), catch your audience on the go with campaigns that creates a huge impact, and turns your audience into potential customers, followers or even supporters of your message.

Taxi Tops

Backlit Taxi Tops offer incredible street-level domination, 24 hours a day. Deliver millions of impressions daily to business professionals, shoppers, tourists and nightlife crowds.