Mobile Video Truck

Accent Media offers mobile digital LED video advertising services using our Mobile Digital Billboard showcasing three giant LED screens, side screens at 15′ x 6.5′ and the back-screen at 6.5′ x 6.5′ during sporting events, concerts, festivals, as well as in areas with high foot traffic, in order to reach a wide audience. The mobile digital display truck can be placed near business areas, night clubs, restaurants, shopping centers, or anywhere your target audience might be.

Glassed Wall Display

Glass Walled Display Truck features a mobile showroom with a scene built inside to your specifications. Driven throughout the city or and parked strategically at your preferred spot. A unique way of advertising which captures attention by featuring a unique glass display showcasing your product.

Mobile Billboard Truck

Build your business awareness with the use of mobile scrolling billboards and reach thousands of people each day. Mobile billboard advertising is one of the best forms of uninterrupted advertising as the eye is naturally drawn to the illuminated two 12’x 6’ one 6’ x 6’ billboards, which attracts attention to a new billboard every ten seconds.