Taxi Top Ads

We are launching the Taxi Tops, both static and digital, in partnership with the downtown Toronto based Flash Taxi fleet. These taxis run 24 hrs a day and are equipped with GPS. We have also developed a software allowing us to see the live reach of advertising just like a dispatch system.

These are ‘the spiderman version’ of billboards! They love downtown traffic and are unmissable.

Ride Share Digital Screens

People spend an average of 7-10 minutes in each ride until they reach their destination. With +600,000 rides booked a day (within the GTA), catch your audience on the go with campaigns that creates a huge impact, and turns your audience into potential customers, followers or even supporters of your message.

Taxi Tops

Backlit Taxi Tops offer incredible street-level domination, 24 hours a day. Deliver millions of impressions daily to business professionals, shoppers, tourists and nightlife crowds.