The Tadpole is the latest addition to our outdoor advertising & mobile sign product suite. It takes advantage of light poles in parking lots so businesses can squeeze every last drop out of their sales promotion. The double-sided display makes it the perfect product for a business that is on the far side of the carpark or has a road without curbside space for one of our larger premium advertising signs. The Tadpole is portable/temporary, like all of our sign products, and doesn’t damage the pole it is clamped to during use. The Curbex Media team can secure it to any sized pole and the product design’s tight shape limits wind resistance. This sneaky solution takes your advertising sign requirements out front with every promotion you run.


Clean up with your advertising campaigns using EcoPods located at shopping centres. The sleek and modern design of the EcoPod has been a favourite of property owners and municipalities alike. The dual purpose of advertising, while disposing of garbage and recycling keeps the area clean, and generates a lot of attention!