Mobile Billboard Truck

Build your business awareness with the use of mobile scrolling billboards and reach thousands of people each day. Mobile billboard advertising is one of the best forms of uninterrupted advertising as the eye is naturally drawn to the illuminated two 12’x 6’ one 6’ x 6’ billboards, which attracts attention to a new billboard every ten seconds.

Transport Truck Advertising

Enjoy all the benefits of OUT-OF-HOME (OOH) advertising without getting lost in the crowded advertising landscape.

– Excellent for brand awareness.

– Feed your digital media campaign with leads Reach unlimited audiences and demographics.

– Your message will never be ignored or skipped.

Transport truck advertising reaches 82% of North Americans and 46% of consumers visit brand websites or social media pages after seeing an ad on a truck. Truck advertising is not tuned out, deleted or ignored.

Digital Ad Truck

Our state-of-the-art digital trucks offer a diverse portfolio of creative mobile marketing solutions that command the attention of your audience. Project dynamic video or static messaging that gets seen. Stand out from the crowd with high definition LED text and graphics or captivate potential customers with an interactive campaign and live stream. With Digital Truck ads, there’s no print or installation costs – we work with digital files that can be easily updated or changed at any time to adapt to the campaign you’re running.

A mobile video truck is designed to be the centrepiece – a focus of attention and will typically be parked in full view of the crowd, but the latest audio capabilities mean your outdoor promotion can appeal to both people’s visual and audio senses.

The introduction of Smartsign to all our Digital Ad Trucks takes the effectiveness of mobile advertising in Canada one step further. This latest innovation in targeted messaging allows you to offer personalized deals and incentives straight to people’s smart phones on-site. You already know your target market has an interest in your brand, why not take that relationship to the next level while you’re engaging with them? Think of it as recapturing an already captured market. In addition to this, Smartsign can collect important data on who is actually engaging, how many eyes are on you and detailed information on your consumer’s behaviour.


The TriPod is a full colour printed triple sided self-weighted rental sign. The three ad boards present the ads in Portrait view and can be changed at any time during your rental campaign. Different ads on the three sides can face different directions. The footprint of the weighted base of the TriPod is 2’ x 2’ making it easily accommodated by most landscapes. Available for short term and long term promotions.


The Portrait is a full colour printed double sided mobile sign. The main ad board presents the ad in Portrait view and can be changed at any time during your rental campaign. The size of the Portrait makes it popular in narrow spaces.

Mini B

The Mini B® is a full colour, double sided mobile sign. A unique feature of the Mini B® is the header board, which allows for a logo, service or contact info placement above the main ad and draws isolated attention. Both the main ad board and header ad board can be changed at any time during your rental campaign. Ad boards can boast different messages for various traffic patterns.

Taxi Tops

Backlit Taxi Tops offer incredible street-level domination, 24 hours a day. Deliver millions of impressions daily to business professionals, shoppers, tourists and nightlife crowds.

Mobile Digital Truck

Mobile digital trucks bring your message to the crowds. These eye-catching trucks supports full-motion or static creative on 3 LED panels and also feature exterior speakers for full audio. A great way to target specific events, complement street teams or support new store openings.