Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™

Our neuromarketing research indicates that our brains are hardwired to pay attention to direct mail and take action, especially in the digital age.

We’ve applied this research to develop a more intelligent approach to direct mail – we call it Canada Post Smartmail Marketing™.

Neighbourhood Mail™

Neighbourhood Mail™ ( Unaddressed Admail ) is great for sending the same message to a large group of people and is also known as a mail drop. Because it’s unaddressed mail, there’s no option for personalization.

Postal Code Targeting

Postal Code Targeting allows you to identify and reach the postal codes of your ideal prospects. Expand into new markets, leverage your customer data, and optimize your targeting and acquisition efforts.

Direct Mail Services

Direct Mail Advertising is the best way to connect directly with potential customers. A direct mail piece becomes more personal than a handout, more credible than a social media ad, more visually appealing than an email, and more comfortable than a phone call, making mail advertising the strongest tool for direct advertising available.

Digital Print

Variable Data Printing or VDP. Boosts the effectiveness of your printed output by allowing for elements such as text, graphics, and images to be changed dynamically from one printed piece to the next using information from a database.