Infinity Photo Booth

top quality photos

custom photo layouts & designs

professional staff

unique and memorable experience

complete customization

custom designed backdrops, props. ​vinyl booth wraps

brand engagement

social sharing analytics

Mini Vend

Guests post to social media using specified hashtags. By doing so, they receive a free gift from our mini vending machines. The machines are fully brand-able and easy to mount in any space.

Brand Partnerships

An integral part of the Reef Agency strategy is identifying and managing brand partnerships. These partnerships are keystone aspects of a brand’s larger marketing and sales plans, support their ROI and promotions strategy. We help brands find partnerships through identification, evaluation, negotiation, and management.

Highly effective brand partnerships create highly engaged customer bases, expand brand awareness, and create connections with a target audience. Our team works with large and small brands to create beneficial and effective partnerships across the country.