Mobile Billboard Truck

Build your business awareness with the use of mobile scrolling billboards and reach thousands of people each day. Mobile billboard advertising is one of the best forms of uninterrupted advertising as the eye is naturally drawn to the illuminated two 12’x 6’ one 6’ x 6’ billboards, which attracts attention to a new billboard every ten seconds.

Stuck AI

Stuck AI delivers contextually aware location-based advertising, through our network of Internet-connected digital screens, mounted on car & storefront windows.

Digital Ad Truck

Our state-of-the-art digital trucks offer a diverse portfolio of creative mobile marketing solutions that command the attention of your audience. Project dynamic video or static messaging that gets seen. Stand out from the crowd with high definition LED text and graphics or captivate potential customers with an interactive campaign and live stream. With Digital Truck ads, there’s no print or installation costs – we work with digital files that can be easily updated or changed at any time to adapt to the campaign you’re running.

A mobile video truck is designed to be the centrepiece – a focus of attention and will typically be parked in full view of the crowd, but the latest audio capabilities mean your outdoor promotion can appeal to both people’s visual and audio senses.

The introduction of Smartsign to all our Digital Ad Trucks takes the effectiveness of mobile advertising in Canada one step further. This latest innovation in targeted messaging allows you to offer personalized deals and incentives straight to people’s smart phones on-site. You already know your target market has an interest in your brand, why not take that relationship to the next level while you’re engaging with them? Think of it as recapturing an already captured market. In addition to this, Smartsign can collect important data on who is actually engaging, how many eyes are on you and detailed information on your consumer’s behaviour.

Pop-up Digital Billboards

BIG Digital has launched the world’s first series of Pop-Up Digital Billboards for all types of outdoor events, and digital out-of-home activations. BIG”s Pop-Up Billboards are thriving at music festivals, sporting events, large-scale events, and in pop-up activations reaching high-density traffic areas.

Projection Mapping

BIG offers world class projection mapping activation’s for locations large and small. Projection mapping creates opportunities to execute unique, memorable activation’s in iconic locations. BIG has brought immersive, wow factor brand moments to some of Canada’s best known buildings.

Digital Out-of-Home

We all know that digital advertising turned the media industry on its head. Following the major disruption to print (magazines, newspapers, etc.) we believe that exterior and interior Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) is the next market to be affected by media buying digitization. Technology in advertising mixed with better supply chain management create new opportunities that can serve both publishers and advertisers.

You can now leverage our advertising technology stack and more than a decade of experience working with digital media for Out-Of-Home campaigns. We will help you maximize your Digital Out-Of-Home advertising campaigns with programmatic solutions, meaning automation and data.

Experiential Environments

Consumers are bombarded with media from the moment they wake up ‘till they hit the pillow at night. How do you make your brand stand out from the competition? With Big Digital’s diverse range of Experiential Marketing Technologies, take advantage of our industry-leading innovation to ensure your brand is immersive and engaging.