Ad Colony

We curate the world’s highest performing, chart-topping mobile environments for advertisers to deliver impactful experiences at scale.

From brands driving in-store foot traffic to performance marketers driving conversions, we help clients deliver meaningful outcomes informed by our unique combination of data, tech & creativity.

Cross-Environment Map

AdTheorent’s Cross-Environment Map is designed to offer variations in cross-device, relationship, and visitation targeting by identifying connections between devices and locations.

Verve Kinetic

Verve Kinetic combines a world of location data signals to capture real information about real people.

First-party location data collected from our SDK, direct publisher relationships, Verve-built apps, and other trusted sources.

Patented algorithms clean and score the original ingest, discarding fraudulent information and identifying the most reliable location data.

Mobile devices are matched with home and work locations to enable household associations and CRM/Loyalty database connections.

Verve Foundry

Verve Foundry is our in-house creative studio committed to driving positive consumer engagement through non-intrusive ad format innovation dedicated to designing data-driven mobile marketing experiences that transcend the ordinary ad unit.

Mobile Advertising

Precise targeting: Define audience segments based on drilled-down, post-install engagement metrics.

Auto-optimization: Programmatically ensure that your top-performing creative gets in front of your best customers.

Transparent reporting: Understand performance data—and the levers we’re pulling to improve it—at a glance.


Combine the power of predictive targeting with location to
reach consumers who are present at or have been to a location and have the highest probability of making a meaningful interaction.

Predictive Targeting

AdTheorent builds custom machine learning models using historic and real-time data to predict future actions for every campaign.

AdTheorent’s predictive platform learns who will convert and the parameters that drive performance.