Zoom Mobile/ Online

Our intimate knowledge of Generation Active’s behavior make us the experts at placing desktop and mobile ads that will get the KPI’s that you covet. Also, using us in part of a larger health club campaign will ensure that all of your analytics will be in one place for easy data management.

Engaging your consumer on multiple screens can amplify the success of your campaign. Combining our video solution with mobile ads can give your campaign a 48% lift.

Mobile Retargeting

We’ve partnered up with some of the industries leading Mobile Device Retargeting Companies. Thanks, to our onboard data analytics devices outfitted on our truck side adverting vehicles we measure who comes in contact with your campaign. We use this data with our partners to send messages back onto Mobile Devices that have come in contact with your Mobile Billboards. The ads are served digitally through downloaded apps such as the Weather Network, ESPN, TSN, etc. which users opt into. The mobile data management platform views patterns associated with device IDs to detect, track, and build mobile audiences for you. Device IDs are sent to us by ad exchanges and feature a unique set of data that isn’t available via Cookies which includes: location, gender, age, and device type

Furthermore, with great emphasis on AI, our partner’s machine learning algorithms have the capability to analyze a user’s past ad engagements, mobile web behaviour, and locations they visit throughout the day. This, in combination with device ID data, enables us to reach the right person, at the right place, with the right message.

Smart Antenna Mobile &Proximity Messaging Solution

The Smart Antenna unit pings many Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices asking if the customer wants to receive a message, coupon, special offer or information. If the customer chooses to opt in they will receive a multi-lingual, media-rich and secure message in the form of coupons, ads, video or music at no cost to the consumer.

Data Driven Mobile Advertising

We Build Audiences: Become more than just an impression with hyper-accurate data that displays your ad to the right person at the right time.

We Create Engagement: Creative ads that engage while enticing interaction and increasing brand recognition, retention and increased ROI.

We Advertise Without Interruption: Create and integrate relevant ads seamlessly into the user experience on popular apps across our exclusive app network.


Combine the power of predictive targeting with location to
reach consumers who are present at or have been to a location and have the highest probability of making a meaningful interaction.