Rouge Mobile works with marketers at every step to plan, execute, and optimize mobile campaigns. Our expertise will cover the entire journey from targeting to creative development to final results with the right technology to bring maximum impact and give your brand the 1:1 time it needs with your consumer.

Mobile Advertising

Every ad campaign starts by identifying the right user. With our proprietary advertising technology and exclusive partnerships, we leverage reliable data sources to better target audiences. By combining exclusive geo-location, a point of interest, audience segment, and content data we are able to build stronger audience segments and provide our clients with ever-evolving audience targeting groups.

Verve Kinetic

Verve Kinetic combines a world of location data signals to capture real information about real people.

First-party location data collected from our SDK, direct publisher relationships, Verve-built apps, and other trusted sources.

Patented algorithms clean and score the original ingest, discarding fraudulent information and identifying the most reliable location data.

Mobile devices are matched with home and work locations to enable household associations and CRM/Loyalty database connections.

Verve Foundry

Verve Foundry is our in-house creative studio committed to driving positive consumer engagement through non-intrusive ad format innovation dedicated to designing data-driven mobile marketing experiences that transcend the ordinary ad unit.


We build custom segments for your campaign based on data we collect directly from the consumers, including poll data, location, and PII.

Bring your brand to life across screens with full-screen video, rich media, and native ads that fit multiple environments.

Track your results down to retail sales, conversions, or script lift.