Rouge Mobile works with marketers at every step to plan, execute, and optimize mobile campaigns. Our expertise will cover the entire journey from targeting to creative development to final results with the right technology to bring maximum impact and give your brand the 1:1 time it needs with your consumer.

Cross-Environment Map

AdTheorent’s Cross-Environment Map is designed to offer variations in cross-device, relationship, and visitation targeting by identifying connections between devices and locations.


everaging our DSP and DMP solutions, we can now connect your campaigns with most of the mobile inventory in the world.

We all know that 80% of the bidstream traffic is highly inaccurate when it comes to geo targeting.

This is why we have invested in developing a proprietary algorithm, so that our DMP will ensure to use only the most precise geo location data available, which mixed with billions of inventory available in our DSP, will translate into accuracy and scale, in real-time.

Connect your first party data or leverage 3rd party data through our DMP, and make sure to reach only the right customer prospects with the right message at the right time !

Data Driven Mobile Advertising

We Build Audiences: Become more than just an impression with hyper-accurate data that displays your ad to the right person at the right time.

We Create Engagement: Creative ads that engage while enticing interaction and increasing brand recognition, retention and increased ROI.

We Advertise Without Interruption: Create and integrate relevant ads seamlessly into the user experience on popular apps across our exclusive app network.