Brand Advertising

Vantage makes it easy for brands to own the customer experience and grow online stores using AI, advanced analytics with psychometric profiling, and programmatic advertising solutions. We help brands focus on why your customers are there, what’s driven them to be interested in your brand, and when they have the highest probability of buying your product.

With this key data and insight, Vantage builds a direct-to-consumer journey that helps brands understand shopping behaviors, multivariate test, and personalize content through highly targeted and automated online marketing that builds a loyal and active customer base.

Co-Op Advertising

Vantage is innovating with leading brands and retailers, to deliver digital co-op advertising, in a collaboration that has never been done before.

Vantage acts as a trusted intermediary and connects retailer and shopper intent data to create a holistic view of the shopper at scale. This insight helps brands and retailers engage consumers at each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Co-op advertising campaigns from Vantage provide brands with more insight into what they can do to support ecommerce operations and dramatically increase sales on your retail partners’ sites.