Targeted Ad Packages

Go beyond age and demographics to place your ad in the right place, at the right time, to the right user. Our advertising capabilities combine a full suite of static and video advertisements with industry-best targeting. Our experts will ensure your ads are placed alongside the most relevant content to your audience, timed for maximum impact. A video interstitial that pops up right at the exact moment they’re on the edge of their seats? Wattpad can do that.


Our community cares about giving back, and Wattpad is the perfect place to engage our Gen Z audience through a purpose-driven campaign. Set a donation goal and have the Wattpad community contribute towards your cause just by doing what they love- writing! We’ll throw a prompt out to our community and for every writing entry received, your brand and Wattpad can partner together to donate to a cause of choice that aligns with your brand.

Writing Contest

Want to empower the millions of storytellers on Wattpad to make your brand part of their next story? Challenge accepted. Wattpad is brimming with creative minds who come to share their stories, every day. Reach our community and create lasting affinity through branded writing contests. Make your brand part of their creative process and come away with a collection of original branded stories with aggregated insights about your brand. It’s a win-win.