Digital Trends

Digital Trends, the largest independent premium technology publisher in the world, is an award-winning multimedia brand that guides consumers to the best products and services available today — and uncovers the innovations that will shape their lives tomorrow. With more than 6 million social followers and a website that reaches 30 million worldwide, the brand interacts with more than 100 million people per month.

We cover tech for the way you live: not just gadgets, but the powers they unlock in your life, the story of the people who made them, and the way they’re reshaping the world outside your window. Digital Trends filters the torrent of devices and innovation that surround us through a human lens that elevates experience above specs, hype, and marketing. The rapid pace of change creates a conversation that’s always engaging, entertaining, and challenging. You don’t have time to become an expert. But we’ll help you feel like one.


At Exponential, we enable advertisers and brands to drive real audience engagement across all of the interactive environments that consumers are embracing today – desktop, smartphone and tablet. Our platform fuses one of the largest digital media footprints and proprietary data with user-centric ad formats designed to drive engagement and action.

Vibrant Programmatic

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Community News

lack Press is home to some of the oldest, most trusted newspapers in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s an individual community, a larger region or the entire province, our advertising specialists can help you choose a strategy that maximizes your advertising’s effectiveness.

Our newspapers exceed the highest quality coverage of local news, sports and events that effect the communities we serve.

The national sales office of Black Press provides you with the convenience of buying any or all newspapers through one location with one toll-free phone call or email. Our advertising account managers will guide you with ideas and campaign strategies that will ensure your advertising messages reach a highly engaged audience, increasing your advertising’s visibility and awareness.


Our community cares about giving back, and Wattpad is the perfect place to engage our Gen Z audience through a purpose-driven campaign. Set a donation goal and have the Wattpad community contribute towards your cause just by doing what they love- writing! We’ll throw a prompt out to our community and for every writing entry received, your brand and Wattpad can partner together to donate to a cause of choice that aligns with your brand.

Writing Contest

Want to empower the millions of storytellers on Wattpad to make your brand part of their next story? Challenge accepted. Wattpad is brimming with creative minds who come to share their stories, every day. Reach our community and create lasting affinity through branded writing contests. Make your brand part of their creative process and come away with a collection of original branded stories with aggregated insights about your brand. It’s a win-win.