Fandom High Impact

From Fan Takeovers (pictured above) to a suite of IAB and rich media ad products, reach fans contextually through our exclusive 1st party affinity data.

Branded Content

We leverage data and technology to make it easier to not only create and distribute content, but also to optimize and measure its performance in real time.

Rich Media Units

Through our unique synchronized digital branding platform, we offer a full suite of solutions to best reach users and deliver on campaign objectives.

Large canvas, cross-screen units built to drive awareness through custom executions.

Mobile-only units that generate intent through on-the-go ad experiences.

Jukin Media

Jukin Media produces original video content for advertisers, and original series for TV networks and VOD platforms in more than 200 global markets.

Jukin Media is owner/ operator of five of the most watched social video properties in the world. Jukin can help your brand tap into our loyal and passionate fan communities that are eager to support our sponsors and advertisers. Jukin offers opportunities for paid media and authentic, engaging branded content designed for impactful interactions with your target audience.