Vibrant Programmatic

Conveniently access our leading contextual targeting and highly viewable marketing solutions through our private, global exchange. Contact us to learn more.

Vibrant InImage

These highly viewable display ads overlay quality editorial images and seamlessly capture user attention without disrupting the editorial experience. These immersive placements are contextually targeted and relevant to the images users care about in that very moment.

Vibrant InArticle

Users discover these immersive and highly viewable ad experiences right in the heart of the editorial content they’re reading. These highly viewable placements align with what users are reading about in that very moment, offering them relevant and engaging brand content in safe, quality editorial.

gumgum Advertising

Our proprietary computer vision technology scans images and videos across multiple platforms, allowing you to place contextually relevant ads where users are most likely to see them.

WE GET THE FULL CONTEXT OF THE PAGE: We use computer vision to scan images, videos and the content that surrounds them—across millions of pages all over the web.

ADS YOU CAN’T MISS: Ads are integrated within visual content, where our technology knows that customers are paying the most attention.

A HIGHER STANDARD: Our highly visible ad placements are 70% more viewable and generate 7x more engagement and 37% higher brand lift than the industry averages.