Adwizz Audio

Our advertising solutions are designed for audio from the ground up to enable publishers to efficiently monetize their audio inventory, and to give advertisers a one stop shop for audio-centric programmatic buying at scale.

What The Peeve

Everyone has pet peeves that drive them crazy. But what can the things that annoy us teach us about ourselves? How can we use pet peeves to become better human beings? We take snippets of real people to find the weird, funny, and serious things that they find wrong with the world around us. Agree or not, our unapologetic podcast is on a mission to make people slightly less sh**ty to one another.

Hustle Harder

Join Steph, Britt, and Ali, the Co-Founders of Origins Media Haus, as they discuss what building a business is like in their early twenties.

From relationships to imposter syndrome, and the occasional f*ckup, this series shines a light on the raw realities that entrepreneurs face when building a business. At the end of the day, everyone goes through highs, lows, tough times, and chaotic schedules, but Hustle Harder is here to let you know that you’re not alone in the process.

The Tech Haus

Think back to the Jetsons. Together, we were mesmerized by their holograms, flying cars, and robots. At the time, these technologies were nothing but science fiction. Today, they’re a reality. Listen in as Swish Goswami chats with Fortune 500 and cutting edge startup executives at the forefront of these innovations, to dive deeper into the role they play in our everyday lives.

For season one, we’re uncovering how new technologies both connect and divide people. From voice AI, to digital communities, by the end of this season you’ll have a better idea of how new innovations will affect your everyday life.

Podcast Advertising

As the Canadian leader in podcast advertising, TPX provides insight and practical knowledge about how to access, leverage and monetize Canadian podcast consumers. We partner with advertisers and publishers to match the content Canadians are listening to with advertising and branding opportunities that have resonance to specific Canadian demographics.