Go2mobi offers a variety of platform and account management options that cater to your specific needs as an agency, brand, app developer, affiliate or publisher. Need some assistance? Our programmatic platform experts are available to provide you with top-tier customer service to help you achieve your goals.

FB Messenger Ads

Consumers expect personalized recommendations and communication from the brands they love. And they expect to get it anywhere, at any time. Don’t rely on your customers coming to you directly, go to them in the places they are every day.

Start a conversation with them and let them tell you what they’re looking for. WayBlazer’s Facebook Messenger bot quickly understands the customer’s trip intent, and dynamically personalizes the result. Your customers find what they’re looking for much faster, convert more often, and appreciate feeling understood.

Chatbot Ads

Wayblazer’s chatbot ads make quick sense of what guests say they want (using AI) and return results that are tailored to each request. This means you dynamically merchandise your products, giving them more of what they really want while also gathering important information. Most importantly, you do the heavy lifting for the guest, making travel shopping more efficient and fun. The way it should be.