Triangles AI

DATA-DRIVEN AUDIENCE TARGETING: Synced data with your analytics suite, CRM and conversion end points – the best 1st and 3rd party data is used to inform your targeting.

PERSONALIZED CREATIVE MESSAGING: Skilled platform specialists follow your brand guidelines to create hundreds of relevant ad variants for each of your audience targets.

AGILE MEDIA PLANS: A custom media plan with flighting, launch and scaling, across all digital channels; unifying traditional channels through alignment with your in-house and/or external teams.

CONVERSION & REVENUE FOCUSED: Optimized consumer journeys with precision; whether engagement, conversion or both, ensure media budget is allocated efficiently.

REAL-TIME OPTIMIZATION: Triangles constantly evolves and integrates with new channels, ad units and consumer journey touchpoints, in an iterative way.

AI Driven Marketing

Find new customers, drive better outcomes and grow sales with the Quantcast Intelligence Cloud – our suite of AI-driven audience insights, targeting and measurement solutions.

Chatbot Ads

Wayblazer’s chatbot ads make quick sense of what guests say they want (using AI) and return results that are tailored to each request. This means you dynamically merchandise your products, giving them more of what they really want while also gathering important information. Most importantly, you do the heavy lifting for the guest, making travel shopping more efficient and fun. The way it should be.