Rock Paper Reality

Rock Paper Reality (RPR) is focused on creating best in class AR/MR/XR solutions for mobile devices and smartglasses. RPR can enhance any application with innovative AR solutions, develop entirely new applications, and advise how companies can take advantage of transformative how AR technologies.


With VR and AR apps, you can create either a computer-simulated experience that is completely unrelated to reality but that seems real, or add new visual elements to reality. We work with you to understand your vision, explain the possibilities, and produce a new and transformative user experience.

NextTech AR

Promote with AR: Enhance product promotion with 3D/AR ads, and increase customer awareness and interest your products.

Convert with AR: Use the power of AR to provide better shopping experiences to drive greater customer engagement and sales.

Measure AR: Measure interaction in real-time. See increased conversions, add to carts and sales from our live-data dashboard.

Educate with AR: Provide, relevant, compelling and easy to access augmented reality training for your products.

Evangelize with AR: Create unique customer experiences, campaigns, and events to promote your brand and products to the marketplace.

Seven Media

We help our clients by creating engaging and strategic mobile experiences to extend their presence to their customer’s mobile phones. We provide our clients with best-in-class strategy, design, development and execution of marketing and advertising campaigns for mobile and tablet devices.

From full Mobile strategy planning, to back-end development work, to running a single mobile campaign, if it is part of the Mobile ecosystem, we handle it. Staying true to our role as a Mobile thought leader, we have more recently focused on the rapidly advancing technology and opportunity presented by Augmented Reality (AR).