Dedicated Email

Put your message in the spotlight. With dedicated email, influencers, and trendsetters promote your brand.

What is dedicated email?

A promotional email sent by a publisher on your behalf. Dedicated emails are entirely devoted to an advertiser message, unlike a sponsored email, which contains an ad alongside regular newsletter content.

Sponsored Content Email

A sponsored blog post includes content that advocates for your product or brand. Unlike an email, you can continue to gain brand affinity and conversions from a sponsored blog post long after the initial publish date.

Work with a trusted publisher to reach your target customer through their blog, as well as on their social media accounts. Run a campaign with multiple sites at once to further increase brand recognition.

Sponsored Email

Sponsored emails are promotional messages or ads that appears alongside regular newsletter content. Unlike a dedicated email, the content of a sponsored email is not entirely dedicated to your content, but you still control the content of your email ad.

When you run a sponsored email campaign, you’ll benefit from the support of your publishing partner. A publisher’s audience already values and trusts the content they provide, thereby bolstering the appeal of your sponsorship.

Newsletter Advertising

Admailr is a performance based Ad Campaign Management platform that inserts Advertisements into targeted email traffic based on behavioral statistics of the recipient.

Admailr is able to do this by using behavior analytics along with some other metrics you plug in, to place your Ads with Partner Email Service Providers.


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