leanStream Audio

Connect: Tools that unleash streaming’s potential as a source for audience insights and revenue.

Engage: Sophisticated targeting platforms to engage listeners with relevant advertising and listeners with their favourite stations.

Deliver: Mission-critical content delivery services you and your audience can depend on. Guaranteed.

Sponsored Playlist

Align your brand with Spotify’s top franchise playlists.

Sponsored Playlist allows your brand to maximize awareness by exclusively sponsoring Spotify’s top real estate, our owned & operated playlists.
With Sponsored Playlist, your brand connects with listeners on their favorite playlists. We’ll help you choose which best aligns with your target audience, whether they’re tastemakers tuning into New Music Friday, gym rats listening to Power Workout, students cramming for exams with Brain Food, and more. Our playlists already have a passionate, loyal fan base, ensuring that your brand is amplified and heard.

Sponsored Sessions

Drive brand affinity by offering 30 minutes of ad-free listening.

With Sponsored Session, your brand becomes a gateway to an enhanced streaming experience. Offer your audience the opportunity to unlock 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for watching your brand’s video.
Users receive your brand’s Sponsored Session offer only if the app is in view, at the start of mobile sessions. After watching your video message, a clickable display unit appears, inviting further engagement and initiating the 30-minute ad-free session.

Display Overlay

Welcome users back to Spotify with your brand message.

Reach your audience with ads designed for viewability. Overlay is delivered when the user returns to the Spotify app, ensuring maximum brand impact. The immersive display unit is clickable and drives traffic to your brand’s URL destination.

Audio Everywhere

Reach highly engaged Spotify users across devices and platforms.

Our Audio Everywhere package allows you to reach your target audience on any device, in any environment, during any moment of day. Audio ads are served between songs during active sessions, ensuring that your brand achieves 100% SOV.
In addition to the audio spot, your brand takes ownership of a clickable companion display unit (placed in the Cover Art area), allowing you to extend your campaign and drive traffic to a URL destination.