Your Frequently Asked Questions + Our Answers


What is Layyke?

How do I get listed?

Sign-up and create your free account by clicking here. By being listed on Layyke, you’ll get your message and products in front of thousands of marketing professionals and agency media planners that are looking for just what your offering!

I haven’t head of Layyke before, why is my company listed?

Our community works tirelessly to uncover a diverse range of quality media partners and opportunities to add to our platform for the benefit of everyone in the industry. You can claim your account by sending us a quick note to hey@layyke.com. Owning your account is free and gives you the opportunity to connect with brand marketers and agency folks who are waiting to hear your story!

How do I get added as a sales rep on my company page?

Boost your sales leads by getting added as a sales contact on your company page.

If your company page has the blue “verified” badge, then you’ll have to speak with your company to be added. If your company page is open to the community, then shoot us an email or fill out this form and we’ll get you added.

If your company page is open to the community and you have permission to claim the account, please fill out this form and we’ll look into it!

How do I report outdated/ inaccurate information?

Our community members are working hard at covering all our bases and ensuring the quality of information on Layyke. If you find something that looks odd send us a note and we’ll look into it. If you came across your company page and want to claim it, let us know by clicking here or send us a note at hey@layyke.com

I want to help Layyke grow, how can I contribute?

At Layyke our goal is to organize the world’s advertising opportunities, it’s an ambitious goal so we can use all the help we can get. If you’re up for the task click here and select “contribute” as the subject.

I can’t find the company/ solution I’m looking for?

Ops! Let us know what your looking for by sending us a note at hey@layyke.com or click here.